In KiCad 6 (and 5), the F8 key runs a special command. It automates annotating a schematic, generating a netlist, and loading it into PCBnew. Also the “Edit Symbol Fields” is a better tool for updating footprints than the actual “Assign Footprints” dialog! This video is the first one of a series of quick tips.

Part two of the DIY Arduino series. In this video, we create the PCB. Also, the project gets a new name: Pyramiduino. Watch the process to make a PCB in KiCad. And the Bald Engineer gives you a challenge, can you find the unconnected nets before he does? Check out Part 1 – the Schematic and subscribe to see when Part 3 – Turn On is posted. DIY Arduino PCB in KiCad Show Notes Pyramiduino…