Live Streams


This week the bald engineer unboxes swag from, programs the Adafruit Coin Accepter, with a Pyramiduino, and answers questions along the way. Interesting time code jump points: 7:59 – See Programming Bootloader Clip12:11 – Coin Acceptor Programming18:00 – Pulses on the R&S RTM3004 Oscilloscope42:05 – Code working as intended!

The primary tool I use to create AddOhms animations is Adobe After Effects. In this live stream, I take you through the process I use. For an upcoming video, I needed an animation showing how the Arduino Uno’s auto-reset circuit works. As you can see, what is on screen for a few minutes (at most) can take several hours of effort!

We take a look at EAGLE 9.0. This release was a major update since Autodesk took over the project. To help, I used a class I wrote for TechShop as a guide. In the end, I was happy to see the progress Autodesk has made. However, I’ll be sticking to KiCad.

To be upfront, I am not a subscriber anymore. The owner of the company has a history of berating customers on Twitter. So, I just cannot support them anymore. I’d recommend you look at Adafruit’s AdaBox instead.