KiCad 8 just dropped, and here are Bald Engineer’s eight must-try features! The February 2024 release brings a whole host of new stuff to the Schematic editor. However, the PCB editor, CLI, and Simulation tools also received attention. (There are something like 900 closed issues for the 8.0.0 Milestone!) Which of these is your favorite?

In KiCad 6 (and 5), the F8 key runs a special command. It automates annotating a schematic, generating a netlist, and loading it into PCBnew. Also the “Edit Symbol Fields” is a better tool for updating footprints than the actual “Assign Footprints” dialog! This video is the first one of a series of quick tips.

Part two of the DIY Arduino series. In this video, we create the PCB. Also, the project gets a new name: Pyramiduino. Watch the process to make a PCB in KiCad. And the Bald Engineer gives you a challenge, can you find the unconnected nets before he does? Check out Part 1 – the Schematic and subscribe to see when Part 3 – Turn On is posted. DIY Arduino PCB in KiCad Show Notes Pyramiduino…

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