VirtualBench Overview | AddOhms #14

National Instruments (NI), is probably best known for the LabVIEW software and modular instruments. In the past few years, they have introduced more innovative test and measurement products than any other T&M manufacturer, at least, in our opinion.

Their latest box is called the “VirtualBench.” It’s a lab’s worth of equipment in a single box at a reasonable price. It combines a DMM, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Power Supply, and Function Generator into a single box.

In this AddOhms video, we take a look at the high-level capabilities of the VirtualBench. We even see what happens when a 555 timer isn’t blinking an LED.

Episode Notes

Correction: I point out that there are 6 instruments, but seemingly only show 5. When I refer to the Oscilloscope as a “Mixed Signal Oscilloscope” I meant to call that 1) an oscilloscope and 2) a logic analyzer. That’s how I got to 6!

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