Here are 8 questions you’ve sent in. Rare (at least, up until now) video of James talking unscripted. Questions answered in this video: 1. Why does AC change direction?2. What do home appliances run on?3. Is Analog or Digital More Accurate?4. When do you use Pull-down resistors?5. Difference between LM7805 and LM7812?6. What diode to pick for a motor’s flyback diode?7. Does James draw his own Animations?8. What does “AddOhms” mean?

The LM7805 is a very popular voltage regulator. Curious about how it works? In this AddOhms Tutorial, we look at what is a Linear Voltage Regulator and how to use them in your circuits. Linear Voltage Regulators Show Notes Related Datasheets LM7805 [Fairchild] NCP1117 [On Semiconductor] PIR Sensor [Adafruit] Interesting Links Written Tutorial on Regulators [Baldengineer.com] TO-220 Information [Wikipedia] TO-220 Heatsink [Adafruit] Choosing the right LDO [All About Circuits]

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