MOSFETs and How to Use Them |  AddOhms #11

Following up from Episode #10 on BJTs, this episode is focused on introducing MOSFETs. It is the longest video we’ve done yet, coming in just over 7 and a half minutes.  

There is a basic overview of how MOSFETs work, compared to a BJT.  And something that is really important to consider:  how hot is it going to get?  So we go through how to calculate power dissipation and if you need a heat sink.

Download my MOSFET Design Guide here.

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  1. Dear Baldengineer, I think there is something wrong with episode 11 video.Would you fix it. There is no episode 11 on the site.Anyway , thanks for previous and next episode.They are completely simple,clear and applicable. You are great.

    • James Lewis Reply

      Opps! I think I fixed it now. Looks like I accidently moved the page!

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