Here are 8 questions you’ve sent in. Rare (at least, up until now) video of James talking unscripted. Questions answered in this video: 1. Why does AC change direction?2. What do home appliances run on?3. Is Analog or Digital More Accurate?4. When do you use Pull-down resistors?5. Difference between LM7805 and LM7812?6. What diode to pick for a motor’s flyback diode?7. Does James draw his own Animations?8. What does “AddOhms” mean?

https://youtu.be/vN9aR2wKv0U After learning the difference between Voltage, Current, and Power in Episode 4, now we look at a little bit closer type of voltage. The “C” in “AC” and “DC” stands for “Current.” However, people will commonly say “My home has 120 (or 240) Volts AC.” What the heck? How can AC mean Current and Voltage? This video, we break it down the differences with some simple examples.

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