What is AddOhms?

Getting started with Electronics doesn’t mean getting lost in long-winded explanations or extensive engineering discussions. AddOhms tutorials is a different kind of video series that breaks down Electronics into short subjects. So anyone from hobbyist to students to new engineers can get on with their project(s) as fast as possible.

Latest Video

Episode #28: Learn Oscilloscope Measurements with an Arduino Uno


Can you make a video for us?

There are a couple of ways I can help here. If you’d like me to feature your product or service on my channel, there are some requirements. However, if you want me to create a video for your company, I am available for contract video work.

One service I offer is script consultation. Either I can help clean-up what you’ve already put together, or I can work with you to create one from scratch. 

Use the contact form to get in touch with me.