AddOhms on DVD

AddOhm DVD Volume #1

The First Volume of AddOhms includes the following Tutorials:

3-Part Schematic Series

  1. Symbols for Passive Components (Resistors, Capacitors, Switches)
  2. Symbols for Active Components (Transistors, Op Amps, ICs)
  3. Common Circuits in Schematics (Arduino Uno reference schematic)

Basics Series

  1. Introduction to the terms Voltage, Current, and Power
  2. What is AC and DC
  3. Difference between Analog and Digital

Microcontrollers Series

  1. Comparing the Arduino to Raspberry Pi
  2. Introduction to Raspberry Pi B+
  3. A song composed by the Arduino Forums: “Post your code” (to the tune of “Let it Be.”)

Components Series

  1. LEDs and Current Limiting Resistors
  2. BJTs as Switches
  4. Voltage Dividers

DVD is no longer available

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